We Make Going Offshore a Simple,
Straightforward Process

How It Works 

HFS makes the process of going offshore simple and convenient, minimizing your legwork and maximizing our expertise. This is how it works:

Step 1. Create your offshore plan. HFS's Offshore Planning Center makes it easy.

In minutes, and completely anonymously, you can create an offshore plan tailored specifically to your needs. The customized plan may then be saved and reviewed later or purchased online. You may also contact HFS and we will be happy to suggest a plan to suit your needs and answer any questions that you have.

Step 2. Place your order.

Once you have decided on an offshore plan you may place an order online. You may also contact HFS directly and place an order over the phone.

Step 3. Sit back and relax.

HFS now goes to work forming your offshore structure. HFS incorporates the offshore company, forms the offshore trust, assembles the offshore bank account application papers (and brokerage, if applicable) and assigns an offshore address. The order is then shipped directly to you via Federal Express. The package will contain the original IBC and trust documents and the IBC’s offshore mail forwarding address. All of these are yours to keep.

Step 4. Complete the bank application, and return it to HFS.

The package sent by HFS will also contain a bank account application (and brokerage, if applicable) that is partially completed. The application comes with instructions and will need to be completed, signed and returned to HFS. The application is highlighted in each place that needs to be filled in (e.g. with the client’s address) or signed. This makes the forms simple to complete. Or, if you prefer, we would be happy to call you and help you complete the application over the phone

Step 5. Sit back and relax.

After receiving the completed application(s) back from the client, HFS prepares the corporate documents required by the offshore bank (and brokerage, if applicable). The application and corporate documents are then sent to the bank. You will be notified when the application is sent to the bank and we will follow up with the offshore bank until the account is opened. 

Step 6. Place your assets offshore.

When the offshore bank (and brokerage, if applicable) receives the application from HFS, the account will be opened and the bank will notify you via email. You may then move money into the offshore account(s). The process is now complete; your assets are safe and secure offshore.