We Create Offshore Packages Custom-
Tailored To Each Client's Needs

Packaged Services 

At HFS, we know that clients expect us to be the offshore experts. So we have created complete offshore packages that make going offshore straightforward and affordable.

Most offshore providers offer an array of offshore products and services and expect clients to pick and choose. This forces clients to become experts at going offshore. But we know that going offshore is supposed to be our area of expertise and that clients want us to guide them through uncharted waters and to make going offshore simple and understandable. So we have combined the essential elements of going offshore into a single product: the Complete Offshore Package. What does that mean to clients? No guesswork, no hidden costs, no surprises and the confidence of knowing that all of the details are taken care of. And the best part is that it's affordable. The Complete Offshore Package is $2,500. The Package can also be rushed for an additional $350. The Package includes everything needed to regain complete financial privacy, protect hard-earned assets from lawsuits, and do business and invest privately in any market on the globe.

The Offshore Planning Center, an interactive planning tool, will customize the Complete Offshore Package to suit any client's particular situation.

Answer a few multiple choice questions, and HFS will customize the Package to your needs. The customized Package may be saved (anonymously) and reviewed later or purchased securely online. The Offshore Planning Center is free and no contact information is required to access it.

Although most clients prefer to purchase the Complete Offshore Package, HFS recognizes that some clients have highly specialized needs and prefer an "a la carte" approach to going offshore. To purchase a specific item or items, please visit Services and Fees. It features the full array of products and services that HFS offers: IBC's, trusts, foundations, shelf companies, offshore bank and brokerage accounts, offshore precious metals accounts, etc.

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